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About the Artist

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. The art world beckoned me long ago. I have always been attracted to the contrasts in life and nature. Born and raised in Long Island, New York I was deeply affected by the seasonal changes; lush foliage in summers and barren landscapes in the winter. I attended college in Miami where I majored in both Education and Art. I was drawn to the art of printmaking and its defined edges and contrasting capabilities. But the art of watercolour always called to me. I have explored its liquidity and attempted to control its transparency by using deep layers of paint. Natural things are my usual subjects and I try to enhance their imagery to emphasize their importance.

Exhibits and Activities

2014-2016 Member of Miami Watercolour Society
2014-2016 3rd Vice President MWS/Demonstrations
2014 MWS Spring Show
2013 MWS Fall Show
2003 Datran Art Center One Person Show
2002 Datran Art Center One Person Show
2001 Datran Art Center One Person Show
1998 Art Director at Romaca Camp in the Berkshires, Massachusetts

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