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Barbara Tejada
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Barbara Tejada

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Barbara Tejada

About the Artist

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Miami in 1974 with my husband and family.

I began painting in 1995 when a friend talked to me about taking an oil painting class at the Community School at Palmetto Senior High. In my first six week class I completed three pieces and was hooked on oil painting.

I began with a photorealistic style but over the years have relaxed my style as well branched out into acrylics, pastels and some block printing.

I have belonged to the Florida Professional Artists Guild, One Ear Society and GroveHouse Artists as a  Founding and current member of GHA.

Currently I run a yearly plein air event for GHA at the Deering Estate and am a co-director of the Gifford Lane Art Stroll.

I was an Artist in Residence as well as Art Director at Café TuTu Tango in Coconut Grove.

For more information please contact:

studio: 305-979-9534

Barbara Tejada
Barbara Tejada
Barbara Tejada
Barbara Tejada
Barbara Tejada




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