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Exhibitions 2016

DEERING ESTATES ANNUAL ART SHOW - June 11 to July 29, 2016

June 15th from 7 pm to 9 pm

Judy Brown

Great evening at the Artists Reception at Deering Estates - the GHA Exhibition Opening was fun - lots of prizes for GHA members & GHA 'plein air weekend' competitors.

Many thanks to Kim Yantis, Curator, for providing such a wonderful venue!

Kim Yantis

Winners of the Deering Exhibition and their winning pieces:

Sushila Oliphant, artist
First Place - Sushila Oliphant, for “Peace River”

Vivian Gomez, artist
Second Place - Vivian Gomez for “Come Back to Capri”

Ann Donaudy, artist
Third Place - Ann Donaudy for “Pears”

Paul Saint Laurent, Artist
Honorable Mention - Paul Saint Laurent for “Landscape Study 5”

Admission to the Estate is free for this event
Prizes will be awarded in the Ball Room of the Stone House at 8 pm
Light appetizer buffet and a cash bar with wine, soda and water.

Exhibit take-down will be held on July 29th in the
Richmond Cottage kitchen from 10 am to noon.



Sunday March 06, 2016, Noon-5p

Thank you to the residents of Gifford Lane and the Coordinators who took care of all the details to make the 18th Annual Gifford Lane Art Stroll another fun filled day for the community. 

Everyone had a festive time and Grovehouse Artists: Barbara Tajeda, Karen Deilke, Liz Gibson, Sushila Oliphant, Pauline Goldsmith, Beverly Borland, Carol Kingsley, Bobbi Headder, Jacqueline Gopie, Ann Donaudy and Judy Brown participated with a total of 62 artists for the stroll.  It was a beautiful sunny day with a warm breeze filled with lots of people and pets enjoying the art, music and food.  Everyone had a great time!

Gifford Lane Staff
Many thanks to the Gifford Lane Art Stroll's Planning Board!
More photos in the Photo Gallery.

The GroveHouse Artists and Deering Estate Foundation sponsored for the 9th year the annual Affair en Plein Air weekend event on February 6-7, 2016.

Adults and Students competed in separate categories painting the beautiful Deering Estate at Cutler located at 16701 SW 72 Ave Old Cutler Rd at 168th Ave

Thank you Kim Yantis, Cultural Arts Curator for the Deering Estate for being such a gracious host and Thank you to Marcelle Zanetti for jurying our event.

The weather was beautiful and the artist chose their locations and painted all day Saturday and half day Sunday until 1pm when the art was set up.  Everyone left the area while the judge had a very difficult time with her decisions.  Congratulations to the winners!!

Thank you everyone for sharing your weekend with us.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Winners of Plein Air

Scroll down to see their winning paintings

1st place - Marissa Diaz
2nd place - Oanh Ngyen
3rd place - Mayra Ona
Judge's Choice - Leira Padron
Honorable Mention - Tristen Rivera (no photo)

1st place - Jacqueline Gopie
2nd place - Lizzie Hunter
3rd place - Pat Cummins
Judge's Choice - Lothar Speer
Honorable Mention - Perri Cox
Estate Choice 1 - Sal Sidner
Estate Choice 2 - Ana Llaurado

Congratulations to each and every winner as well as everyone who participated because the Juror's choice was not an easy one.

GroveHouse Artists
Jacqueline Gopie - First Place - Adult

GroveHouse Artists
Marissa Diaz - First Place - Student

Lizzie Hunter - Second Place - Adult

Oanh Ngyen - Second Place - Student

Pat Cummins - Third Place - Adult

Mayra Ona - Third Place - Student

Lothar Speer- Judge's Choice - Adult

Leira Padron - Judge's Choice - Student

Perri Cox - Honorable Mention - Adult

Sal Sidner - First Estate Choice

Ana Llaurado - First Estate Choice

Grove House Artists

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