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Jenine Watkin, artist
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Jeanine Watkin

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Jeanine Watkin, artist

About the Artist

Puerto Rico was where I was born and raised until 1983 when I left  to earn a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1987. After experiencing the "professional" world of advertising and marketing for several years, I realized that my interests lay in a less structured future.

Corporate life had lost its appeal.  I chose a path of travel and experimented in a variety of artistic avenues including photography, drawing and painting in many mediums, watercolor being my favorite.   I even dabbled in Children’s book illustration. 

I find it satisfying, as well as challenging, to “reproduce" the marvels that surround us, be they flora, fauna, historic architecture or just a great day on the water.

I can proudly say that my work hangs in private collections throughout Florida, New England and abroad.

In 2002, I was chosen as the Poster Artist for the South Miami Art Festival.

Jeanine Watkin, artist
Jeanine Watkin, artist
Jeanine Watkin, artist
Jeanine Watkin, artist
Jeanine Watkin, artist




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