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Judy Brown
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Judy A. Brown

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Judy Brown, grovehouse artist

About the Artist

Judy A. Brown was born in 1960 and raised in upstate New York. She moved to Miami in 1984 to develop career in research. Judy retired in 2000 and raised a family. From 2009 to the present, she studied art, mostly watercolor and pastels.

“Life is complex, organized chaos, so I look for simplicity in nature to balance myself and create artwork to share.  I enjoy capturing the essence of nature and it’s beauty.”


2010-Present, Participated in juried and non-juried art exhibits at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, Deering Estate and local galleries, fairs and festivals

2014-Present, Signature member, Miami Watercolor Society

2014-Pastel, “Parrots” published, Fairchild Tropical Garden annual calendar, October

2014-Present, CoWorkshop Chair, Miami Watercolor Society

2014-Present, Plein Air Coordinator, 3-5 events annually, Miami Watercolor Society

2015-Present, Miami Watercolor Newsletter Editor

2015-June, Award-Honorable Mention, Deering Estate Annual Exhibit

2015-November, Judge for S. Miami Arts Festival Application process

2016-January, Director, GroveHouse Artists

Judy Brown

For more information please contact:

studio: 305-582-7596

Judy Brown
Judy Brown, grovehouse artis
Judy Brown, grovehouse artis
Judy Brown, grovehouse artis
Judy Brown, grovehouse artis
Judy Brown, grovehouse artis




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