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Orestes Vazquez, artist
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Orestes Vazquez, artist

About the Artist

I was born in 1951 in Havana, Cuba.  I am the son of Cuban immigrants with most of my ancestors from Spain.  During my childhood, my parents traveled back and forth from Cuba to Miami.  We lived in New Orleans (1963 - 1965) for two years, but then returned and stayed living permanently in Miami.  My two brothers and I grew up in Miami, but I do have memories from New Orleans.  I vividly remember walking to a park and watching unknown artists paint in the open air. It truly inspired me to do the same.  As a young child and adolescent, I would draw and paint pictures for my family and friends, although I've never taken any painting or drawing courses. 

I graduated from Miami Senior High School in 1970.  Spent most of my young adult life working and helping my parents, with little to no time for hobbies.  In 1972, I began my career with the airlines.  I married and had two children (son and daughter). 

Though I worked for many airlines, I spent twenty five years working for American Airlines, where I had the opportunity to travel.  I've visited many beautiful places and have used my travels to inspire some of my paintings.  While at American Airlines, I met the love of my life and helped raise three more children (two daughters and a son).  Now I'm the proud grandfather of seven children and I spend most of my time traveling and painting.  

Orestes Vazquez, artist
Orestes Vazquez, artist
Orestes Vazquez, artist
Orestes Vazquez, artist
Orestes Vazquez, artist




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