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Pauline Goldsmith
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Pauline Goldsmith

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Pauline Goldsmith

Artists Statement

“My deep love of South Florida’s lush sub-tropical vegetation has encouraged me to use watercolors to translate their exquisite beauty to paper, so that it can be shared with everyone wherever they may live. In my attempts over the last few years to render the likeness of these plants into a visual art, I have become mesmerized by their subtle transformations in the ever changing tropical lights and water reflections. In botanical art the use of watercolors applied with small brushes and a dry technique can be challenging and very frustrating, but at the same time the resulting fine details and depth of color are both rewarding and therapeutic.”

Pualine Goldsmith, artist

About the Artist

Pauline Goldsmith worked in the global bio-pharmaceutical industry for nearly forty years, either in the UK, France or the United States. She ran her own consulting company, where she provided business strategies and project management skills to small to medium-sized bio-pharmaceutical companies.

She originates from the United Kingdom, but arrived in the United States twenty eight years ago and has never looked back since. Her homes have been made in Philadelphia, Boston and Miami. In her move to South Florida she found her spiritual home in the sub-tropics.

She has been extremely active in many positions in the Miami community with the visual and performing arts, advancement of botanical art and support of conservation projects.

She was co-director of the co-operative artist group, GroveHouse Artists, for many years, and is a Signature member of the Miami Watercolor Society.

As one of the founders & co-directors of Tropical Botanic Artists, over the last ten years she has led this collective of South Florida botanical artists into many new and exciting areas. Their relationship with FCE LTER has resulted in three exciting touring exhibitions in the last four years, with hopefully more to come.

She serves on the Board of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is currently the Vice President.

Her works can be found on exhibit both in and outside of the state, and are in private and public collections in Florida, Pennsylvania and several countries within Europe.

She feels it is time to give back to the community and try to help others understand the joy the arts can impart.


For more information please contact:

Pauline Goldsmith
Pauline Goldsmith
Pauline Goldsmith
Pauline Goldsmith
Pauline Goldsmith
Pauline Goldsmith




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