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Rosie Brown, artist
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Rosie Brown

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Rosie Brown, artist

About the Artist

Rosie Brown has been painting in different mediums her entire life. Born in Cuba, she arrived in Miami at the age of nine. This experience shaped her career choices. She obtained a business degree from Florida International University and entered the business world. Rosie's true passion centered on painting and continued to flourish throughout her business career. After retiring, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion to create. Her works are inspired by her tropical environment and her colorful culture.

She has expanded her creativity and her artworks are now licensed by various companies and offered as home decor products, pet products, and fashion.

Rosie's love of art extends out to organizations in the community. She is a signature member of the Miami Watercolor Society, a member of Florida Watercolor Society and a docent at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami.

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Rosie Brown, artist
Rosie Brown, artist
Rosie Brown, artist
Rosie Brown, artist
Rosie Brown, artist




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