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Welcome to GroveHouse Artists Website!

GroveHouse Artists, inc., (GHA) was started in 2005 and has a history of collaboration with Curators and Event planners in Coconut Grove and the South Florida region by fostering partnerships and participation in the arts in the community.


GHA is a not for profit, public charity, cooperative group of local artists that volunteer their time and skills to help promote community art events, cultural programs and artist by working together to share costs and workload at local venues such as:


Deering Estate Annual Exhibit 2007–2017
Coconut Grove-Mayfair Gallery & Store Feb-June 2005 and 2010-2012
St. Stephen’s Gift Shop and Gallery 2007-2009


Gifford Lane Art Stroll Annual Fair 2008-2019
Mad Hatter’s 2 day fair 2005-2011


Deering Estate 2 day Affair En Plein Air competition 2007-2019

Contact Director: Barbara Tejada for information:

Many Thanks and Appreciation to Our Sponsors:

Florence and Sheldon Anderson, Northern Trust

Deering Estate


*Collage Art: Left, the pink orchid: Pauline Goldsmith;
Center, the dragonfly: Judy Brown; Right, the heron: Perri Cox.



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